Miranda Lutz

PhD Project description: hola
Transition into adulthood brings along many challenges for individuals. Deviant social experiences during development can impact the functioning of an individual and result into the increased risk of abnormal social behavior. In my doctoral thesis, the effect of social stressors on neurocognitive functions will be investigated and their role in the development of antisocial behavior will be elucidated. The data used in my project originates from an innovative approach of combing two longitudinal studies, that is one typically developing cohort (Happy Child, Happy Adolescent, VU Amsterdam) and a sample of vulnerable young male adults with behavioral and legal problems (De Nieuwe Kans, VUmc, Amsterdam). This approach requires a collaboration between the disciplines of neuro-clinical psychology and developmental-pedagogical sciences. In this multidisciplinary approach, similar data collected from these samples for a unique assessment of neurocognitive measures, shedding light on precursors for antisocial behavior.
Also, I teach in numerous courses in the third year bachelor Psychology and master Clinical Psychology. In addition, I supervise bachelor and master thesis students.
My background is in neuro-pedagogical sciences: I completed two specializations of the master Education and Child Studies at the University of Leiden. 
This project is supported by one of the Erasmus Initatives: Vital Cities and Citizens.


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Collaboration: Kim de Jong (Leiden University)
Affiliation: Clinical Developmental Psychology, Faculty of Behavioral and Movement Sciences, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Member: Dutch Association of Developmental Psychology (VNOP) and EUR network Peer Relations Researchers


  • A meta-analytic review of the error related negativity and error positivity in adults and children with externalizing disorders (under review)
  • Error processing as neurophysiological biomarker of externalizing disorders: A narrative review (submitted)

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